Favela Street

Favela Street

This time football is used as a tool to help ex drug soldiers to reintegrate society. Favela Street is set in the heart of Villa Cruzeiro, in Rio de Janeiro, and organizes tournaments for about 500 kids. The ex soldiers involved in the project are the ones putting together all the aspects of these tournaments. Philip, from Holland, put this on foot not long ago and can already see positive effects in the favelas. In order to achieve this, he has received the support of IBISS (Instituto Brasileiro de Inovações em Saúde Social*) who opened its network and is helping Favela Street in its daily work.

* IBISS has been helping the most deprived groups within the Brazilian society such as inhabitants of slums (favelas) and people who live on the street. More info on this foundation at: www.ibiss.info

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