The Macaha Project - Kanca Village, Sumbawa

The Macaha Project - Kanca Village, Sumbawa

The Macaha project is a solar powered drip irrigation system in Kanca village, Parado sub-district, Sumbawa. In Parado, 51% of the population lives in poverty (compared to 11% nationally), with another 40% on the margins of poverty. Most people are subsistence farmers, and rely on seasonal rains. But as rainfall is increasingly irregular, food insecurity and poverty are exacerbated.
This Pilot project will establish 1 solar drip irrigation system (SDIS) in Kanca village that will directly improve yields, reduce vulnerability to changing rainfall patterns, and enable multiple cropping practices.
The combination of solar (photovoltaic) water pumping and low-pressure drip irrigation, will allow farmers in remote, semi-arid Kanca village to grow high-value and nutritious crops year-round.

The SDIS will provide irrigation for farmable land and increase domestic consumption and saleable crops. SurfAid will train community members on agriculture on sustainable, resilient and nutritional varieties of crops, increasing yields, improving nutrition and ultimately, improving livelihoods and health status. The solar powered irrigation systems will reduce reliance on expensive, non-renewable energy sources and ensure a clean, reliable, sustainable supply of energy.

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