Phnom Penh Skate School Launch - Bright New Start

Phnom Penh Skate School Launch - Bright New Start

On Friday February 21st, we launched our new Skate School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Over 100 children celebrated alongside special guests from around the world, including skaters Sky Brown, Mimi Knoop, Jim Thiebaud and funding partner, The Skateroom. This new location, within the creative hub of Factory Phnom Penh, will better meet the needs of local children, in particular girls and children living with disabilities.

Here is a small recap from the incredible launch event with thoughts from our amazing supporters and Citizens of Skateistan Sky, Mimi and Jim.

Song: Me and mom song (khom neng mak) - Challi Gra / KhmerBand KBand

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