Skateistan: A Champion of Learning Through Play

Skateistan: A Champion of Learning Through Play

Skateistan was recently named one of the LEGO Foundation and Ashoka's Champions of Learning Through Play. #play2learn

In Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa, opportunities for play are few and far between, yet the youth there are incredibly resourceful and innately know that play is valuable. They will step on a skateboard for the first time without hesitation. The controlled risks of skateboarding provide a safe and exciting challenge for young people who have few opportunities for recreation and creative play. Although many people consider playful learning to be a luxury, Skateistan knows that play is an essential part of learning, and that it is integral to limiting stress, empowering youth, and promoting childhood development.

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Produced by LEGO Foundation and M2Film, Denmark.
Featuring Youth Leaders and students at Skateistan Cambodia.

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