PeacePlayers International Mitzvah Video

PeacePlayers International Mitzvah Video

Looking for an idea for your Mitzvah Project? We have got one for you! At PeacePlayers International we use basketball to unite, educate, and inspire children in divided communities to play for peace. We have served over 65,000 children from 15 different countries, including Israel, South Africa, Northern Ireland and Cyprus. In addition to solving conflict, we also focus on bringing sport to young women and at-risk youth. Virtually all of PeacePlayers programming is free of charge, and we rely on the charitable donations to continue to provide basketball to children. We are looking for young people to join our community of change makers. Past Mitzvah supporters have organized basketball tournaments, participated in free-throw challenges, donated in lieu of gifts, and more! Get started on your Mitzvah project today by clicking the link below. It's simple! For more information, contact Adam Hirsch at 202-408-5111 or email him at - he's very friendly!

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